OASE Living Water

AquaActiv BioKick Care 250 ml

Biological pond care

Item number: 51283

Top product characteristics

Product characteristics

  • Activates the pond water with particularly important bacteria strains
  • Provides clear, healthy pond water and ensures good viewing depths
  • Contains natural minerals and thus promotes the brilliant colours of the koi
  • High-quality probiotics strengthen the immune system and promote wellbeing
  • Removes deposits of dead organic material, such as silt or fish waste
  • Contains autotrophic and heterotrophic cultures, as well as lactic acid bacteria (more that 1 billion bacteria/ml)* * at the time of filling
  • Contains natural minerals and promotes the brilliant colours of the koi

Technical data

Container size 250 ml
Suitable for ponds up to max. 10.0
Optimal supplements OptiPond, OxyPlus
Item number 51283
EAN 4010052512839