OASE Living Water

Jumping Jet Rainbow Star

installed in water

The following materials are required:

  • 1 x OASE »Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Set«
    incl. control box and connection set
  • 1 x OASE »Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Extension Set«
  • 1 x OASE pump »Aquarius Universal 6000«
  • 1 x OASE garden power outlet »FM Master 3«
  • 1 x elevation in the water e.g. bricks

This is how easy it is:

Step 1

Make an L-shaped water reservoir beforehand. This is optimal for this dynamic water effect. Depending on water depth, prior to inserting the »Rainbow Stars« an elevation may be necessary. For example this can be provided by bricks.

Step 2

Place the »Rainbow Stars« on the elevation and fasten them there. Select the insert depth of the Rainbow Stars so that the water surface is below the water jet nozzles. Set the pump in the water as well and establish a hose connection to the »Rainbow Stars«.

Step 3

Align the »Rainbow Stars« as desired. Connect the pump to the external control unit and connect the external control unit to the power supply.

Step 4

Now use the remote control to select the different programs that vary in light colour and function of the jet cut-off, continuous light and random play.