OASE Living Water

Water Starlet

installed in water

The following materials are required:

  • 1 x OASE »Water Starlet«
    incl. cable and transformer
  • 1 x pond liner
  • 3 x tear-resistant cord
  • 3 x larger stones

This is how easy it is:

Step 1

At a suitable point in your garden, dig a hole that is large enough to give the »Water Starlet« optimal space. Alternatively you can install this water effect in an existing water body.

Step 2

Place the pond liner in your hole, with enough liner to run slightly over the edge, to prevent it from slipping off. Then fill with water.

Step 3

Now align the nozzles of the »Water Starlet« as desired. Fasten the three tear-resistant cords to the water feature unit and place it on the water surface.

Step 4

Position the water effect using the three cords. When the water feature unit is in the desired location in the water, the cords are fixed in place at the edge of the water surface. This is done with the aid of 3 larger stones.

Step 5

When the »Water Starlet« is fastened it is ready to be connected to the power supply.

Step 6

Decorate around the water surface and enjoy your water effect. If you enjoy twilight: This is when the luminous LED rings of the »Water Starlet« are particularly effective!