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All you need to install your waterfall are the appropriate
stain­less steel elements, a suitable water reservoir with cover
(see page 241), a pump (see page 48 – 51) and sufficient hose,
as well as material to compact the substrate, because a horizon-
tal installation is extremely important. The Lighting Set with
the LunAqua Terra LED (see page 192) rounds out the design
of the watercourse.
Stainless Steel Watercourses
This is how easy it is:
Sample setup: Stainless Steel Watercourses
Place the elements upside
down so that they match.
Then the connecting strips
are bonded on.
The stainless steel connect-
ing ­element is placed on and
­connected with eight nuts and
washer screws. Ideally with a
second person – turn the bolted
watercourse right-side up.
Now is the time to insert the
LunAqua Terra LED, if you have
planned for a lighting element.
Connect the hoses and pump;
place the pump in the water
The horizontal alignment of the
system is extremely important –
ensure that you check whether
the watercourse elements are
horizontal, in both directions.
Thereafter the edge design can
be finished – that’s it!
Measure the area that you
are considering and select
the suitable watercourse
After excavation, check whether
the substrate is solid enough or
still must be compacted.
Fleece additionally protects
the excavated area against root
Ideally the water reservoir is
placed at the head end of the
start element, and it should be
concealed, but accessible.
The hoses are simply laid out
in the gravel bed along the
­watercourse elements.
Fountains & Fountain Pumps
Water Entertainment
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