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This is how easy it is:
Sample set up of a Waterfall Set 30
For long-term satisfaction
with the waterfall,
the stainless steel surface
regularly, so that calcium
deposits and dirt do not
build up.
First provide an even and
firm surface – a solid base,
e.g. of concrete, that serves
as the pedestal.
The Waterfall 30 is then placed
on this straight slab: To do
this simply fasten the two side
fasten­ing lugs with stainless
steel screws.
For a perfectly aligned fountain,
ensure that it is setup horizon-
tally. Use a spirit level for this.
Now connect pump and hose.
Then open the rear wall and
fasten the hose. The hose is then
routed out at the rear opening,
and the pump is lowered into
the water. That’s it!
Elegance in the evening hours:
With the Waterfall Illumination every
waterfall is easily immersed in warm and pleasant light.
Waterfall 30/60/90
Recessed or bolted to
the wall, with a width of 30 / 60 / 90 cm, grace-
ful ­waterfalls can be created. You will find the
­matching pump ­AquaMax Eco for operating the
waterfall, starting on page 68 / 70.
Waterfall Set 30
The complete set incl. pump
and hose in a modern stainless steel design has
an outflow width of 30 cm. The two side fastening
lugs make installation fast and easy – whether in
a bed of gravel or at the edge of the pond. It is
also easy to install as a standalone water feature
in combination with a water reservoir and cover
(see page 241).
Waterfall Set 60 Solo
The elegant waterfall
with a width of 60 cm (in the Set
without pump
Waterfall Illumination
LED illumination
for waterfalls in widths of 30 cm and 60 cm.
Fountains & Fountain Pumps
Water Entertainment
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