OASE | Catalogue 2015 - page 15

innovative dynamic function it is perfect
for small show interludes. Regardless of
your preferences, OASE offers you the right
­products, guaranteed. Even in a garden
without a pond, on the terrace or balcony
water ­features in a gravel bed or a planter
box are real eye-catchers. And if atmos-
pheric lighting is added, summer ­evenings
become unforgettable moments. Our
Water Entertainment products are a special
­enhancement for your garden. Thanks to the
»Plug’n Spray« principle, installation is fast
so that there is more time for enjoyment.
Experience all moving possibilities on the
pages that follow.
The PondJet Eco
water show.
Impressive, flexible,
easy and energy-
»Experience water
with all senses!«
Fountains & Fountain Pumps
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