OASE | Catalogue 2015 - page 7

Nature and technology in perfect harmony
Environmental awareness and sustainability are par-
ticularly important for the technology associated with
the water garden. Therefore, the
new generation
of the
OASE Eco product series represents an important mile-
stone for OASE products. For example, pumps and UVC
clarifiers with even higher capacity require less energy,
allowing OASE customers to receive a great investment.
You are not only protecting the environment, but you
also save yourself energy costs (see page 256–257).
However, OASE is also pursuing new paths in terms of
operating convenience, like the development of using
remote control technology via the smart phone app,
for example. With the new
WLAN-based technology
it is now possible to even more conveniently and
precisely control the flow rates for the new OASE
fountain and watercourse pumps and adapt the
capacity of the devices to seasonal requirements. As
stated: Nature and technology in perfect harmony.
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